Diabetic retinopathy poses a significant threat to public health and global economies. These economic threats can be overcome with technology that revolutionizes retinal diagnostics, improves patient access, unburdens the primary care physician or eye care specialist, and results in early detection and better disease management.

That technology is VisionQuest i-Rx EYESTAR™ automated reading system for diabetic retinopathy.

Making the EYESTAR™ automated reading system available in primary care physicians’ offices and other point-of-care facilities will make annual diabetic eye screenings as simple and routine to perform as blood work and blood pressure screens, significantly increasing compliance and supporting vision-saving early detection. Primary care physicians have compelling reasons to adopt EYESTAR™ that include the ability to:

  • Offer same-day screenings, thus avoiding the need for a specialist referral.
  • Achieve higher rates of early detection for better disease management and vision retention.
  • Add a new revenue stream to their practice.
  • Qualify for Quality Bonus Payment revenues per the Affordable Care Act.

Physician adoption of same-day automated diabetic retinopathy screening will also have a profound economic impact on insurance companies, government payors and national and global economies.

The market potential for EYESTAR™ is large. There are approximately 40,000 primary care and point-of-care facilities in the United States that perform an average of 500 screenings annually. This represents a potential of 20 million EYESTAR™ screens each year.

Currently, the EYESTAR™ automated reading system is cleared for commercial use in Mexico. VisionQuest i-Rx is focused on securing FDA clearance of EYESTAR™ for commercial use in the United States. We are currently seeking strategic partners who will help to accelerate the FDA approval process and once secured, support rapid commercialization.

Ideal Strategic Partners Include

  • Medical device companies
  • Medical software companies
  • Private foundations focused on diabetes and/or eye disease
  • Venture capital firms
  • Private investors

If you are interested in joining us in revolutionizing retinal diagnostics and reducing the public health and economic impact of diabetic retinopathy, we welcome the opportunity to speak with you. Connect with us now.